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Welcome to eScential Living - Our Story

Our story started in the same way that so many great stories do... with an idea, and a vision to make something better...
Before we delve into that story (for those of you who are interested), our mission is a simple one.
Based in a rural corner of Kent, England, we bring exciting new home fragrance ideas to life - working from a simple sketch to create a lifesize clay model, before transforming that model into a fully fledged ceramic wax melter / oil burner.
Drawing on the latest trends in home-styles and interior decor, we've been inspired to create an exclusive collection of bespoke shapes, and to bring to market burners and melters which are much more than just functional scent-throwers, but which also double as gorgeous pieces of home decor.
Our Process
1) We take the seedling of an idea for a new shape or design, and put pencil to paper to sketch it out.
2) Once satisfied with that sketch, work begins on creating a lifesize clay model.
3) From that model, a white-goods sample is hand-produced by our expert ceramics factory.
4) The piece is then painted, glazed and fired in the kiln, like a butterfly emerging for it's maiden voyage!
Why We Create Bespoke & Unique Burners
Having been in the aromatherapy industry for a number of years, we became increasingly frustrated with the lack of design innovation offered by other manufacturers.
The burners that were on offer all seemed to prioritise function over style, and whilst they served the purpose of spreading fragrance throughout our homes, they were severely lacking in aesthetic qualities.
Put simply, they did the job, but the burners on the market just weren't pretty enough, and certainly weren't keeping up with the current home decor trends and styles.
So rather than sit back and accept our fate, we decided to do something about it.
We sought inspiration, we put pencil to paper, and then we jumped on a plane to China in search of a factory to help us bring our new ideas to life!
And within the space of 9 months (yes, it takes that long), our first shipment of beautiful, shiny, bespoke burners was being delivered to our warehouse in glorious Kent.
And your reaction to them exceeded our wildest expectations!
Since then, fueled by your enthusiasm and demand, we have expanded from an initial 7 shapes, to now a total of over 40 different designs! (over 120 including different colour options).
We're so pleased and proud to see our 'lightbulb moments' come to life, and to see them in our customers homes, looking just as gorgeous as when we first imagined them.
And with your continued support, our passion for creating stylish, bespoke pieces of aromatherapy home decor continues to go from strength to strength.
Designed in a little corner of Kent, England, our dedicated team continue to design beautiful new shapes.
To follow our journey, subscribe to our newsletter to see the next new ideas in the pipeline, and for exclusive offers, discounts and news.

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