Incense Sticks, Cones & Holders

Incense for every and any occasion.

Want to conjure up an alluring mood and atmosphere of passion, desire and lust?

Then look at our range of Magical, Mystical and Fantasy incense sticks. From 'Angels Touch' to 'Werewolfs Bite' or 'Demons Lust' to 'Witches Curse', we think we can satisfy nearly every need!

Want Relaxation, Meditiation and a Stress Free environment?

Why not try incense fragrances from' Meditation' to 'Mystic Aura' or the ever popular 'Lavender' to 'Aloe' Vera.

We stock a wide variety of incense with over 50 sticks in stock at very competitive prices so whether you want a sensual, peaceful, stress free environment for Relaxation and Meditation or a Wild, Wanton night of Passion then we think we have the bases covered.