Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils?

What's the Difference?

Essential oils

Made 100% from pure plant extracts and are a natural product.

Generally a much more expensive product as the product needs to be grown, harvested and distilled.

It can take 000's of petals to make a few drops. Fruit Oils can be slightly cheaper as they are easier to extract.

Essential oils are widely used in Aromatherapy and are sometimes used for some skin conditions and use during bathing.

Fragrance oils

Synthetically made chemical scents and made in a laboratory/factory.

Generally Fragrance oils will last longer than Essential oils.

Fragrance scents mimic natural scents and being made scientifically should not therefore be used directly to the skin or body.

Very important:

We are not scientists!

The above explanations are a general use guide.

When purchasing and using any kind of oil for your Oil Burner/Electric Warmer you should always read the instructions carefully to ensure correct use of that product.