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Oils or Wax?

Using Essential Oils in Burners?

To use an oil, fill the bowl at top of burner approximately 1/2 to 3/4 full with water. 

Add a few drops of your favourite Essentail or Fragranced oil into the water.

Then place a lit tea light under the water bowl to allow the water and oil to then evaporate creating a gorgeous aroma to fill your room.

Remember to always place your lit burner away from children and pets preferably high up in a safe location away from flammable sources or burning hazards.

Wax melts can be used with some Oil Burners - Please read safety instructions of that burner and remember if doing so, add a little wax at a time so that there is no overspill of hot wax.


Using Wax Melts in Electric Warmers/Burners.

Place a small amount of your favourite wax melt into bowl at top of warmer/burner.

Plug in the electric warmer and switch on. The heat from the warmer will then melt the wax to create a sensual aroma in your room.

Alaways read and saftey instructions that are provided with your warmer or burner.

Please click here to see tips for using Wax Melts and Oils.