Anne Stokes Dragon Beauty Incense Sticks

Anne Stokes Dragon Beauty Incense Sticks

  • £5.95

Dare to enter the cave where Dragons dwell?

Not all Dragons breathe 'Fire'. Using Amber as it's fragrance this Anne Stokes incense stick 'breathes' a warm, musky and earthy aroma to to help bring peace and good wishes to your home.

Associated with Air and Fire, Ambers use is thought to be used when seeking truth and wisdom and also when evoking love and desire.

Part of our Fantasy, Magic and Mystical incense range, 'Dragon Beauty incense sticks' helps invoke a truly magical and mystical environment where you can just let your 'Dragons' beauty flourish.
Escential Living incense for anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Each tube contains approximately 20 incense sticks.
Price is for x 1 tube of approximately 20 sticks (main photograph illustrates x 6 tubes).
Made from perfumed raw materials only.
For best burn results (and how to use) place in or on an incense holder or ash catcher for a  beautiful fragrance throughout your home.
Part of the eScential Living range of incense products.
Packaging is Re-cyclable.