Candle in a Tin - Fairy Sprinkle

Candle in a Tin - Fairy Sprinkle

  • £8.99


Mystical Fairy Sprinkles in a Tin Candle!

A beautiful fragranced candle manufactured here in the UK by the Country Candle Company that will fill your home with the magical, mystical and spiritual scents of ‘Tinkerbell’.

Gorgeous aroma and perfume that will grace any room and help to create a relaxing, soothing and comforting environment.

Contemporary design product will make this a gorgeous gift to give or receive.

All Fairies everywhere, even Fairy Godmothers would like this candle - great for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas present.

Using only UK sourced materials where possible, all of our products are vegan, GMO free and palm oil free.

Burn Time approximately 30 hours.

Please use candles responsibly (click here for best use)