Cinnamon and Orange Fragrance Oil 10ml

Cinnamon and Orange Fragrance Oil 10ml

  • £1.95

10ml bottle of another classic Christmas fragrance.

Cinnamon and Orange combine, as family and friends do to join together creating a heady cheerful mood for the festive season.

Oranges bring the  zingy, joyful and fun element to the party whilst the Cinnamon  fragrance conjures up the exotic and spiciness as well as a comforting and homely aura that is so enjoyable at Christmas time.

Intended for use in oil burners or fragrance warmers, Orange and Cinnamon fragrance oil is sure to provoke thoughts, emotions and memories of Christmas.
Creating the ambient setting for the festive atmosphere, a beautiful fragrance that will fill your home with the truly magical aroma of Christmas and the 'Festive Season'.
Just add a drop or two with a tealight lit underneath to warm the oil and spread beautiful fragrance throughout your home.
Please refer to our Useful Tips page for all you need to know about using Oils and Melts with your Oil Burner or Electric Warmer.